OTC Drugs

Over the Counter (OTC) Drug Portfolio

Formulations Clinically Proven To Outperform Their Category’s Current Leading Products.

HSRx Biopharmaceutical formulates its unique OTC drug products to conform to FDA monographs approved for each targeted health condition. Other ingredients in the HSRx OTC products are all-natural, creating a novel line-extension product that has a level of quality that appeals to today’s consumer. Independent and FDA-regulated CROs conduct the clinical studies that produce the clinical evidence which enables the claims for each HSRx OTC drug product to become a category leader. Each HSRx OTC drug product is entered into rigorous, independently conducted clinical trials that compare its effectiveness against the current category market leading product. The dramatic visual and statistical evidence produced during the clinical studies substantiate the powerful superior treatment outcome claims required to quickly gain the market share needed to become the category leader.


See how dramatically superior our next-generation acne treatment product is while simultaneously achieving this advantage by being less harsh.

Joint Pain

See how our clinically proven joint pain product provides faster and more natural pain relief.