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Mosquito Virus Expert Thomas Voss PhD Discusses a Promising New Drug For Zika

Clinical Study Verifies HSRx OTC Drug Product For Joint Pain Delivers Faster And More Effective

Broad-Spectrum Antiviral Drug HSRx 431TM Tests Effective Against Zika Virus – Yahoo Singapore Finance

HSRx-Thorne Collaboration for Botanical Drug Development

HSRx Biopharmaceutical’s Acne Product Outperforms Market Leader in Clinical Trial; Demonstrates Faster Reduction of Acne Count, Redness and Severity

HSRx Biopharmaceutical Completes Influenza Prevention Phase in Study of Novel Combination Drug for Flu Prevention and Treatment

HSRx Biopharmaceutical’s Acne Treatment Product in Clinical Trial, Aims to Rapidly Reduce Redness and Intensity of Breakouts

HSRx Biopharmaceutical In-Licenses Portfolio of Novel Late-Stage Orphan and Breakthrough Combination Drugs, Acquires Ready-for-Market OTC Drugs



Time Square Thorne Release HSRx-LOGO



HSRxTimesSquare Influenza


HSRx Time Square Acne