Combination Drugs

Delivering The Polyfunctional Power Needed to Change the Course of Infectious Disease and Disease Conditions Related to Aging and Lifestyle.

Our scientists discover and identify the powerful disease condition focused nutrients molecules contained in raw foods. They identify the molecular pathways the molecules utilize to deliver their disease condition-specific health benefits. We combine these proprietary single molecule and polychemical compounds with a FDA-approved, and off-patent generic pharmaceutical known to utilize a complementary molecular pathway to treat a targeted disease condition. The result is the creation of a new combination drug that has the polyfunctional power to halt the progress of some of the most difficult infectious and chronic disease conditions. Each HSRx combination drug enjoys the value of a long-life patent and each HSRx combination drug is clinically proven to be as safe or safer and more effective than current drug treatment therapies for the targeted disease condition. HSRx’s orally delivered polyfunctional drug treatment solutions provide medical practitioners with the advancement in drug treatment therapy treatments they need for their growing patient populations suffering from infectious disease and chronic disease conditions related to aging and lifestyle.

Here is a glimpse into our polyfunctional powered combination drugs for conditions ranging from Alzheimer’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis to influenza and Zika viral infections.

Zika Virus

See how our breakthrough Zika combination drug treatment works to change the course of this quality of life-disrupting disease.



See how our breakthrough Alzheimer’s combination drug treatment works to fundamentally and materially change the course of this excruciating and quality of life-disrupting disease.


Influenza and Viruses that Cause Influenza-Like Illness

See how our breakthrough combination drug provides protection against the influenza pandemic, which global health authorities predict is imminent, by quickly and completely shutting down the influenza virus’ reproduction while simultaneously preventing the infection abilities of any viral particles already produced.