Our Company

We discover disease-fighting chemicals in food and combine these with FDA-approved pharmaceuticals to better target and treat important disease conditions. The result is a significant advancement in treatment therapies for infectious and age related complex disease conditions…and that’s something that will make us all feel better.

Unlike the current generation of drug treatment therapies which only engage a single molecular target involved in a disease condition, our unique combination drugs deliver the polyfunctional power needed to engage multiple molecular targets involved in a disease condition to fundamentally change the course of the disease. This new advancement presents a clinically proven faster, safer and more effective disease condition treatment therapy.

HSRx Biopharmaceutical employs an outsourcing business model, substantially reducing market entry timelines and costs

HSRx Biopharmaceutical’s founding shareholders elected to utilize an intensely managed outsourcing business model to develop multiple products at multiple sites. We’ve also created an advisory board comprised of some of the top medical science thought leaders in the disease categories in which we are focused. The combination of these strategies have been highly effective in facilitating the early market launch of two of the company’s OTC Drug Products, while also advancing three of its Combination Drug Products into phase II clinical trials—critical to establishing the clinically significant evidence needed to qualify for accelerated approval status.is